What we do



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Responsive Application

We have built and deployed a large array of applications across multiple platforms. We produce a very clean and effective design to promote the needs of our clients. 


Ubiquitous technology

Ted Baker Commissioned a vibrant, dynamic, interactive screen with facial recognition software and image manipulation algorithms which allowed for users to interact for promotional and social purpose.

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Complex Mobile Apps

Alfred is an on-demand ride-sharing mobile app which facilitates its users to car-share and joins rides at the touch of a button. Think of Uber but for ride-sharing. This app has been created on IOS.

Some Of Our Work


Below is an assortment of projects we have developed or designed for reputable clients

all over the globe.




tktapp shows you how to assess whether or not you have a good chance of appealing a parking ticket, what evidence you need to accompany your appeal and how to present your case with confidence. Simply register your ticket within the app and provide your evidence to support your claim. A personalised letter is then composed on your behalf and sent directly to your inbox for you to read, print and sign. Then finally all you have to do is send to the council.



Frey Chocolate Promotional Applications


Frey Chocolate had a promotional event and needed us to create software and embed it in 20 touch screen devices.


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Carehealth Bookings


Transferring the clients idea into a prototype to help build a product and test the concept.


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Blockchain consultancy


There are a number of sectors looking at blockchain technology to see how it could improve efficiency in their own companies by using blockchain technology to simplify processes.

Here’s the trick, Only if you understand it really well can you apply it to your particular situation. Now that I understand blockchain technology, what can we do with the blockchain? 

Blockchain technology will  improve a process or lower the cost of a particular process. Blockchain technology will encourage companies to innovate without any legacy systems or existing regulations tying them down.

There are 3 areas that stand out immediately, Technology, Money and Law.

1)      Technology; it’s a distributed ledger for its backend database

2)      Money; It’s an exchange network to transfer monies between peers

3)      Law; Smart contracts that validate transactions



SaaS Platform

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Software as a Service (SaaS) is a software distribution model in which a third-party provider hosts applications and makes them available to customers over the Internet. SaaS is one of three main categories of cloud computing.

A SaaS network is solid, flexible, scaleable and companies can tailor their investment based on the size of their operation. Along with the 24/7 support and technical expertise acquired through a SaaS platform, they are secure, with accountable disaster recovery to boot. Not only with PCI regulations, many SaaS platforms have promised to comply with the GDPR in time for May 2018.



CMS Platform



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Digital consumption habits are becoming more complicated as people increasingly use multiple communication channels and devices. Your customers now have greater choice as to how organisations communicate with them. Therefore, organisations need to hold and manage massive quantities of data about their customers, to be able to provide information about their services or products to the customer, via any medium their customer may desire. From websites and apps to bots and connected devices, this is the current and future landscape you’re entering to be able to provide flexibility and accessibility.

You may be asking yourself how you even begin to manage all of that data distributed across all of those channels. Well, several platforms are evolving and emerging to solve this very problem. We’ve gone beyond the traditional Content Management System and introduced the system of the future: the “Content Management Framework.”

Allowing your customer to have the answers and information on any device or channel of their preference is essential for you to be part of their future!!

Cyber Security Consultancy

Cyber security is a broad and complex subject area and not every consultancy will be able to satisfy all of the cyber security challenges you face. As a prospective user of a consultancy, you need to consider which services you need. We have provided some additional information on the factors you need to consider when selecting a consultancy.

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Security Framework and Risk Assessment

● Assess the impact of identified threats and vulnerabilities
● Implement more effective short and
long term strategies to enhance your security posture
● Reduce financial risk and increase brand reputation and consumer trust
● Better align IT security with business goals by verifying whether controls are
implemented to your policies
● Evaluate your main facility to help identify gaps and weaknesses



Security Strategy and Planning

● Assess how your security program meets business risk mitigation objectives
● Define a strategy to align your security program to business requirements
● Optimise security investments to achieve greater benefits from your security budget
● Understand how your security capabilities relate to one another to facilitate risk and regulatory compliance management


Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

We help you to create the processes and procedures your organisation must put in place to ensure that mission critical
functions can continue during and after a disaster. It enables you to re-establish
services to a fully functional level as quickly and smoothly as possible.
Furthermore, we work with you to create or update your disaster recovery plan (DRP) as part of your business continuity process.